Need a hand on your way to the win? Read up on Powerplays, Blockers and other useful FAQs that will help you on your Bingo Adventure.

1. How do I save my progress?

We want to make sure your progress is safe and secure! You can save your game by connecting to Facebook or creating a Trophy Bingo Account with your email!

2. How do I improve Trophy Bingo’s performance on my Android Device?

If you’re having trouble playing Trophy Bingo, please try the following:

    Install Clean Master from Google Play (over 10 million downloads!) to help keep your device free of junk and running smoothly.
    Free up device memory by closing unnecessary apps running in the background. To do this, go to Settings > Apps > Downloaded, then tap on the application you want to stop and select ‘Force Stop’.
    Free up storage memory on your device by uninstalling apps that you no longer need. You can do this by opening the Launcher (Android’s app view),then press and hold the app(s) you want to delete. You can also free up memory by removing or transferring videos and pictures from your device.
    Make sure your Android version is up to date by going to Settings > About, and then checking for software updates.

Please note that Trophy Bingo runs best on Android devices that meet the following minimum specifications:

    1GB RAM
    Android Operating system: 4.1 (Jellybean)

Meeting these specs does not guarantee optimal playability. Please note that some devices may not be designed to play Trophy Bingo.

Please note that there are many different Android devices out there with different UI/settings menus and formats. Procedures and visuals may be different depending on the type of the device and the OS.

3. How do I improve Trophy Bingo’s performance on my Apple Device?

Under certain circumstances your game may lag, crash, or stutter. This is likely attributed to device capability/performance including Free Memory or Available Storage.

Free your device memory regularly by closing applications that you are not using. In order to do this:

1. Try turning off your device, then turning it on again and re-opening Trophy Bingo.
1. Double tap the ‘Home’ (square) button on your device;
2. A list of all applications running in the background will now be visible;
3. Swipe the applications upwards in order to close them;
4. When all applications have been closed, launch the game again.

A lack of storage space can also result in crashes or slowness.
To see the storage space used on your device, please go to Settings > General and check the part highlighted in the image below:




If needed, you can create free space by removing unused applications. If you wish to delete old applications that you no longer use, you can do so by following these steps:

1. Go to your device’s home screen by using its home button.
2. Locate any application you wish to remove. Tap and hold it until it begins to wiggle.
3. You should then see a small X in the upper left hand corner of the app’s icon.
4. Tap on the icon, and agree to delete the app.
5. Tap the home button.

Please note that our games run on devices that only meet the following minimum specifications:

    1 GB RAM
    Apple Operating System: 6.0

4. How do I contact support?

If you have a question that is not covered by our FAQ, please email us at

Alternatively, if you are having an issue in-game, Trophy Bingo has a built in feedback button in the Options menu. Simply open the menu, press the ‘Report an Issue’ button and write a description of the problem. We’ll help you ASAP!

1. What is the story of Trophy Bingo?

Goldie, a charming, ambling Golden Retriever and her four-pawed pals were all living a wonderful dog’s life when a threat came into their world. Earnest Getmyway, AKA The Trophy Hunter has set his sights on new quarry – snaring one of every dog breed for his formidable animal collection.

Together with Goldie, find her friends and rescue them from Earnest. Each time you complete the Bingo objectives and win a level, you receive an item that will bring you one step closer to rescuing the captured dogs. Collect all the items, free the dogs and band together to save the others.

Your mission:

    Play Bingo or spin the Wheel to unlock new dogs and Chapters.
    Gather collection items associated with a specific dog in order to rescue it.
    Rescue special dogs with Powerplay abilities that can be brought into gameplay to help you win the level.

2. How do I select a level?

You can select levels from the Trophy Bingo world map! Simply tap on any level that you have unlocked in order to play.

3. How do I select my Powerplays?

You can select any Powerplays you have unlocked before you start a Bingo game. After you choose the level you want to play, you can select Powerplays (Dog Team) to use in the Level.

4. How do I play Bingo?

Trophy Bingo follows the same rules as standard Bingo.

Each Bingo card is divided into 25 spaces, in 5 rows and 5 columns. The center square of each card is a free space and is already daubed. The columns are labeled BINGO and each of the squares are randomly numbered from 1 – 75. In the center of the screen Bingo balls are called, each showing a letter and a number underneath (i.e. G20, I15 or N75). Your goal is to daub (mark) each of the squares on your card that match the number shown on the Bingo balls. Score a BINGO by marking off the 4 corners on a card, or a straight, vertical, or diagonal line with 5 numbered spaces.

5. How do I call Bingo?

At the bottom of each Bingo card you can find the Bingo Button. When you are sure you have met the requirements, press the button the call Bingo! If you haven’t met the requirement for calling Bingo (you call a Bad Bingo), Chester the cat will appear on your card to tease you for your mistake! There are no other punishments for calling a Bad Bingo.

6. How many Cards can I play with?

If you are playing on a tablet you can choose 2 or 4 cards and on smaller screen phones you can choose 1 or 2 cards.

7. What are pattern Bingos?

In levels with a Pattern Bingo, you have to daub the shape of the Pattern on the Bingo Card in order to claim the Bingo.

8. What are Bingo combos?

In levels with Bingo Combo objectives, you have to call multiple Bingos that overlap. For instance, a Double Combo objective requires you to intersect 2 Bingos on the same Bingo Card.

9. What is a Mystery Ball?

The Mystery Ball is a special ball that will appear during a level. Tap on it to release bonuses onto your cards. These bonuses will be activated if they are daubed.

10. What is the Wheel?

Spin the Wheel to rescue more dogs from Earnest Getmyway! You are presented with the Wheel after successfully completing a level. By spinning the Wheel you will be able to find and unlock specific dogs. Once a dog is unlocked, you can spin their own unique wheel to knab collection items to rescue them. Occasionally there will also be a special Premium wheel that can be unlocked in limited time events only.

11. What do diamonds do?

You can use your diamonds to:

    Buy more Bingo Cards to Play
    Buy more Treats.
    Buy collection items.
    Spin the Wheel for a chance to win collection items, or find a Dog!
    Buy more bingos if you run out in a particular level so that you can continue playing.

12. How many Chapters are in the game?

Trophy Bingo is currently divided into 6 Chapters that consist of 20 levels each. Travel through all 6 Chapters to experience everything that Trophy Bingo has to offer.

1. I’m on a phone, why can’t I play with 4 cards?

Due to screen size, phones can play with a maximum of 2 cards. When you choose the level you want to play, you can pick between 1 or 2 cards on your phone, or 2 and 4 cards on a tablet.

2. The game keeps crashing on my Android device?

To help prevent game crashes, please make sure Trophy Bingo is the only app running on your device. For instructions on how to close apps and free up memory on your device please view the instructions underneath “How do I improve Trophy Bingo’s performance on my Android Device?” in the Hot Topics section of this FAQ.

3.The game keeps crashing on my Apple device?

To help prevent game crashes, please make sure Trophy Bingo is the only app running on your device. For instructions on how to close apps and free up memory on your device please view the instructions underneath “How do I improve Trophy Bingo’s performance on my Apple Device?” in the Hot Topics section of this FAQ.

4. I can’t beat this bingo level what am I doing wrong?

If you are having difficulty completing a particular level, make sure you are completing all your objectives. Many levels have bingo combos, or patterns and you will need to do something special to get the WIN! Also be sure that you are not calling a Bad Bingo. Check that all the numbers you have daubed have indeed been called, and that you have cleared any blockers that may be preventing you from getting a bingo! To learn more about Blockers please read the Blockers section of this FAQ.

I paid for something and I never got it!

Oh no! Please contact our support team by pushing the Feedback button in Trophy Bingo’s Option menu! In the message, let us know the date of purchase, what you bought, and how much it cost. Alternatively, you can contact us at Our support team will help you ASAP.

6. I got a bad bingo, what does that mean?

If you haven’t met the requirement for calling Bingo, Chester the sneaky cat will appear on your card to taunt you. There are no other punishments for calling a bad bingo. If this happens, make sure you have daubed all the correct numbers and have cleared any blockers that may be preventing you from getting a Bingo!

1. What are blockers?

Chester, Earnest’s trusty sidekick, will do anything to help his master succeed at his mission. He will try to hinder your progress by throwing out Blockers onto your Bingo Cards. Clear the Blocker when the number is called.

2. What are different blockers?

There are 6 different blockers that you will encounter in Trophy Bingo. They include: Sand, Mud, Grass, Ice, Tennis Balls, and Discs.

3. How do you clear Sand, Mud, Grass and Ice Blockers?

In order to clear these blockers, you must daub on any adjacent square.

4. How do you clear Tennis Balls?

Daub on the Tennis Ball to clear them from your Bingo Card.

5. How do you clear Discs?

Discs are the most difficult blocker to clear. Daubing on the disc will move it to another square on your Bingo card. With each successful daub, the disc will become flimsier, and the final daub will clear the disc.

1. What are collection items?

Each dog will have their own unique set of collection items that you will need to collect in order to rescue them. You must first find the dog to reveal the collection items required to rescue it.

2. What happens when I collect all the items in a collection?

Once all the items have been collected, you can free the dog. Once you have freed a dog, you can make use of its abilities to help you win!

3. How do I get collection items?

You can get collection items by:

    Getting 3-stars on a Level.
    Winning the item by spinning the Wheel.
    Requesting the item and receiving it from your friends as a Gift

1. What are Powerplays?

Trophy Bingo is Bingo with a Twist! While Trophy Bingo follows the standard bingo rules, you can also use Powerplays that will help you save Goldie’s friends from captivity. Each dog you save will have a Powerplay or a special skill to help you win! Strategically choose Powerplay dogs to create your perfect Dog Team before you start each level.

2. What are treats?

Treats are used for activating Powerplays. Successfully fill the Powerplay meter, and then feed your dog a Treat to use their Powerplay.

3. How do I fill my Powerplay meter?

You fill your Powerplay meter by successfully daubing squares.

4. What dogs give you power plays?

There are 13 Dogs that have Powerplays. These are Super Dogs, and they make up the Dog Team that you bring into the levels.

5. What are the different types of Powerplays?

There are 3 different kinds of Powerplays: Automatic, Active, and Wait Powerplays.

6. What are automatic Powerplays?

An automatic Powerplay activates automatically when you tap the Powerplay icon.

7. What are active Powerplays?

An active Powerplay requires you to select a card or square in order to use it.

8. What are wait Powerplays?

A wait Powerplay will mark a square, and you will need to successfully daub this square to receive the Powerplay’s benefits.

9. What are helper dogs?

There are 11 Helper Dogs, each with a special skill that will help you along your journey. Rescue these dogs to unlock their skill.

10. What are the different skills Helper Dogs unlock?

Helper Dogs unlock skills such as extra slots for your Dog Team, various types of score increases, the chance to start the levels with a free daub or bonus on your card, and MUCH MORE!

1. How do I get bonuses?

Bonuses are rewarded through the Mystery Ball. There is also a chance of getting bonuses at the start of the round if you have rescued a Helper Dog (These are dogs that do not have Powerplays). Also, extra bonuses are given with a Bonus Bingo purchase.

2. What is a Spin bonus?

When it is daubed, a Spin bonus gives you free spins on the Wheel.

3. What is a Score bonus?

When it is daubed, a Score bonus will give you 100 extra points!

4. What is a Powerplay Meter bonus?

When it is daubed, the Powerplay Meter bonus fills up the Powerplay meter instantly so you can use a Powerplay!

5. What is a bomb bonus?

Bomb Bonuses are not awarded through the Mystery Ball, but as a part of a Powerplay. This bonus places a bomb upon a random square. Daubing the bomb will result in an explosion of daubs. All squares surrounding the bomb will be daubed.

6. What is an instant bingo bonus?

The Instant Bingo Bonus is not awarded through the Mystery Ball, but as a part of a Powerplay. This bonus gives you 1 bingo instantly when it is daubed!

1. How do I get access to social features?

You can access the social features of the game by logging into Trophy Bingo with Facebook!

2. What is a First Time login bonus?

All players are offered an incentive reward of 50 Diamonds upon logging into Facebook or signing up for a RHI Account. You will receive this reward when you login for the first time.

3. What is the Mailbox?

The Mailbox is where you receive any Gift, Request or Challenge messages from other Players. A badge will show how many new messages you currently have in your mailbox. From the Mailbox, you can do the following:

    Receive Gift: Accept & Send a Gift back (Treats), or Delete & Ignore the Gift
    Receive Request for Help: Send Help to your friend, or Delete & Ignore the Request

4. How do Leaderboards work?

Leaderboards are used to encourage friendly competition between you and your friends! There is a Leaderboard for each level, and you can see how your score ranks amongst your friends.

5. What is ‘bragging’?

When you beat your friend’s score on the Leaderboard for a particular level, you have the option to “brag”! Send off a brag and wait to see if they can beat your score.

6. How can I send and receive collection items?

Help your friends! You can Gift collection items to friends and help them complete their collections faster. Tap on a dog in your My Dogs screen to see which collection items you can Gift. Giftable collection items are easily identifiable and you can tap on the item to gift it to your friend. Please note that you must own more than 1 of the item in order to send it as a Gift.

You are also able to Request collection items from friends to help complete your own collection.You can Request collection items through the Collections Wheel Screen or from the My Dogs screen. Simply pick the item and select the Request option. Please note that you will need to be logged into Facebook and have friends on your friends List to request for help.

7. How can I invite my friends to join me?

You can send invites to friends through the Social Screen, and the Leaderboards on the Pre & Post-game screens. On these screens, selecting the Invite Button will bring up your list of Facebook friends. Invites can only be sent once to each friend.

**Please note that you must be connected to Facebook to access this feature.

8. How do I view the number of dogs my friends have rescued?

Want to see how your friend is doing? You can tap on any of your friends’ profile pictures on the main map or the Social Button to view your friend’s rescued dogs.

9. What can I see on my friend’s progression screen?

Your friend’s progression screen should reveal the following:

    How many dogs your friend has rescued.
    Which Level your friend is currently on.
    How many Bingos your friend has called.
    Your friend’s latest dog team.

10. How do I view my friend’s progression?

Both your progress and your friends’ progress is tracked on the Trophy Bingo map. Once you are logged in, you can view your friend’s progression here. Find your friends by simply looking for their profile pictures, which will be displayed next to the level they are currently on. Only friends that are playing Trophy Bingo and have logged into Facebook will be displayed.

1. How do I get Daily Rewards?

Daily Rewards are given to you each day you play Trophy Bingo. On each consecutive day you return, the reward quantity increases. You get the biggest reward on the last day, so make sure you log in Daily to claim your rewards!

2. How do I get more Daily Rewards?

You will receive more rewards depending on how many people on your Friends List are playing Trophy Bingo. You will need to send invites to friends and they will need to have successfully downloaded and installed Trophy Bingo for the bonus to apply.

3. What can I get for daily rewards?

        Free spins on the Wheel

1. What are lucky numbers?

Do you have a lucky number that helps you win? You can customize your cards by selecting your Lucky Numbers! Once purchased, Lucky Numbers will always appear on your Cards for every Level. You can select the number, the card, and the square you want to customize!

Please note that you cannot select duplicate Lucky Numbers on the same Card. (E.g. You cannot have 2 B1 numbers on the same card). Furthermore, there are no increased odds of Lucky Numbers being called.

2. How do I pick a Lucky Number?

You can purchase a Lucky Number by selecting the Lucky Number icon on the Map. Once you have done this, you must first select the Card you want to add the Lucky Number to, followed by the Square you want to modify. Finally, a number selection will appear and you may select the number(s) you want.

3. Can I remove a lucky number I have placed on my card?

Yes, you are able to remove a Lucky Number that you have purchased. Once the number is removed, the square returns to its original state (during gameplay a random number will be placed on the card). Removing Lucky numbers does not cost anything, however, you will be charged more diamonds if you want to put a number on the square again.

4. How can I change my Lucky Number?

If you want to change the Lucky Number on a particular square, you will need to purchase another Lucky Number to replace it.

1. What are daily challenges?

Every day you will be sent a brand new bingo challenge. You will need to complete all the challenges in the set before the next day to receive the reward.

2. When do I get my prize?

You will receive your reward upon completing the daily challenge. If you forget to claim your reward, you may claim it upon logging in the next day.

3. What can I win from Daily Challenges?

You can win Diamonds from Daily Challenges.

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